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Comfort Hotel is a reasonably-priced hotel with free breakfast in Saint Petersburg.

 Comfort Hotel is a reasonably-priced hotel in Saint Petersburg that offers a free breakfast. Start your tour in Saint Petersburg with an energy boost for the entire day! Saint Petersburg is a city made for leisurely walks during which the guests of the Northern capital of Russia may enjoy its beauty. There are many renowned museums in Saint Petersburg that have large collections of exhibits, but it will take you a lot of time to visit at least one of them. St. Petersburg’s famous suburbs are located several dozen kilometres away from the city; you might have to spend the whole day getting there and visiting the palaces and parks. That is why it is important to boost your energy before setting out on your wonderful adventure and have a full breakfast. There is no need to worry about where to have breakfast because breakfast at Comfort Hotel is included in the price of the room. A delicious home-cooked breakfast at Comfort Hotel may be a great start of your day!

Breakfast buffet at the hotels of St. Petersburg is the best option. 

When choosing a hotel in Saint Petersburg, one should take into account whether the hotel offers a breakfast for the guests and if it does, what form it takes. The distinctive feature of the breakfast buffet is variety and unlimited choice. This is the form that Comfort Hotel offers to its guests. A large variety of drinks, meals, and snacks is what makes the morning at Comfort Hotel a great start of the day. Delicious homemade porridge and trademark omelette are especially popular among our guests. Breakfast buffet also includes meat and cheese cuts, hot baked goods, fresh vegetables, dairy products, and, of course, splendid ground coffee, which is available even after breakfast for free. Breakfast time at Comfort Hotel starts at 8.00 and ends at 10.45 and is suited in such a way that every guest can plan his or her day in the most convenient way. In case of an early check-out (before 8.00), the hotel staff will be pleased to pack your breakfast to go. Start your morning with a delicious and healthy breakfast at Comfort Hotel.

News Reviews

Mexican's fans.
The FIFA World Cup has been going on for several days in Russia. The games between national teams are held in eleven cities of our country, and Saint-Petersburg is among them. A big inrush of fans is expected during these days, and a lot of them have book
Guest from France
Guest from France A remarkable guest from France has been staying at our hotel for eleven days. Her name is Mai-Lien Nguyen. Mai-Lien turned out to be a very sociable person, and the hotel staff were amazed by her excellent knowledge of Russian language.
Cork floors
Cork floors at “Comfort Hotel”. Cork is a natural and eco-friendly material, which has been used in building and interior decoration for many years. Using natural-appearing materials was one of the major priorities during hotel rooms construc
TV series shooting
Today a new TV series "Anna and Hun" was filmed in the "Comfort Hotel" building. The story runs about difficult life of a six-year-old orphan boy. Occasionally he saw on TV a woman taking part in a dance show. The boy convinced himself

Семья Pohl from San Diego, CA, USA

Wonderful breakfast! Thank you very much! Персонал отличный. Завтрак прекрасный! Мы обязательно вернемся! Thank you very much!

Frank Valente, Rochester, NY, USA

This is a wonderful hotel. The staff are GREAT! Thank you.

Anthony Sacco (Энтони Сакко), San Jose, California

Спасибо болшой! Thanks to all the staff: Alena, Roman, Ruslan and kitchen staff for a delightful visit. Comfort Hotel is most friendly and we look forward to another visit next year!