Comfort Hotel is a well-located hotel within walking distance to the main city sights.

The distinctive feature of Comfort Hotel is its location. The world’s famous museums and monuments are situated within walking distance to the hotel. It takes the hotel guests only a few minutes to reach the Palace Square and the state museum of Hermitage that is located beyond it. The Admiralty building, the spire of which has rightfully become the symbol of Saint Petersburg, is located right across the famous museum. Having crossed the Palace Bridge,  city guests will reach the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, at the base of which there are the Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and two famous Rostral Columns named after the rostra – prow decorations – which can be found at their foundations. Fire is lit on top of the Rostral Columns during festivities.

Senate Square is one of the oldest and most famous squares of Saint Petersburg. 

Senate Square has forever become part of the Russian history thanks to the famous monument, the Bronze Horseman, and the Decembrist Revolt. In Russian, the sculpture is called the Copper Horseman due to the eponymous poem by A. S. Pushkin, even though it is actually made of bronze. Unveiled in 1782, the sculpture has become the most renowned monument to Peter I and is one of the most popular sites among the citizens as well as numerous tourists.

In December 1825, a failed revolution attempt, later known as the Decembrist Revolt, took place in Senate Square. Due to that event, the square had been known as Decembrists’ Square from 1925 to 2008; its historical name was returned to it in 2008. The Senate building, currently housing the Constitutional Court of Russia, is located right across the Senate Square.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral – the largest cathedral of Saint Petersburg. 

It will take you only a few minutes to get from the hotel to the Saint Isaac’s Square where the eponymous cathedral is located. The square itself is quite popular among the guests of “Venice of the North”. It is worth noting the architectural ensemble surrounding the square, among whose buildings the Mariinsky Palace currently housing the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Angleterre Hotel, and Astoria Hotel are the most distinguished ones. The equestrian monument to Nicholas I is noteworthy for being a technical wonder due to the peculiarity of being a heavy equestrian statue supported only by the rear hooves. But the main gem of the square is, of course, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the construction of which was supervised by the aforementioned emperor. The cathedral is one of the most widely recognized buildings in Saint Petersburg today.

News Reviews

TV series shooting
Today a new TV series "Anna and Hun" was filmed in the "Comfort Hotel" building. The story runs about difficult life of a six-year-old orphan boy. Occasionally he saw on TV a woman taking part in a dance show. The boy convinced himself
Antibeaujolais 2
"Beaujolais Nouveau" was celebrated at "Comfort Hotel" on the 17th of November. This annual event is so beloved by our guests and partners. This time, as well as the previous year we decided to change the format and the name of th
Guest from Brazil
In June very remarkable guest German Shigayev visited our hotel. This person has a very interesting fortune, particularly, his family’s fortune. German told that he was a descendant of Russian emigrants, forced to leave Russia after revolution durin
Nadezhda Ilyina’s Vernissage
On March 18, a vernissage of an artist – the “art-chef” Nadezhda Ilyina, whose paintings decorate the halls of the hotel, took place in Comfort Hotel. The evening passed in a warm, friendly atmosphere; the guests of the event were able t

Frank Valente, Rochester, NY, USA

This is a wonderful hotel. The staff are GREAT! Thank you.

Anthony Sacco (Энтони Сакко), San Jose, California

Спасибо болшой! Thanks to all the staff: Alena, Roman, Ruslan and kitchen staff for a delightful visit. Comfort Hotel is most friendly and we look forward to another visit next year!

Henry, Margaret & Monica

Very nice stay with the hotel. Roman is very friendly and helpful. He explained patiently the extra fees that were charged on the room. Big thanks to Roman! Especially assisting with the train booking at midnight =) Roman, ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ МИЛО.