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Are you looking for affordable rooms in the center of Saint Petersburg? Choose Comfort Hotel!

 If you are looking for affordable rooms in the center of Saint Petersburg, the choice is obvious – it’s Comfort Hotel! We offer a wide variety of rooms  of different categories for a reasonable price.

Our small hotel first opened its doors in 2003 on the eve of Saint Petersburg’s tercentenary. Since then we have made a great number of friends all over the world who have been our guests.

 The hotel is developed as a “family hotel” with comfortable and reasonably-priced rooms, friendly staff, delicious home-cooked breakfast, and a parking lot. In Europe, “family hotels” are small inns in the center of the city as well as on the margins, which are usually owned by one family. This is the concept we tried to implement when creating the Comfort Hotel.


Rooms at the hotels of St. Petersburg, a bit of history…


In the early 2000s, the segment of low-cost hotels in the center of St. Petersburg was in fact empty and literally had to be created from the ground zero. The main idea behind the creation of Comfort Hotel was to offer the guests of St. Petersburg reasonably-priced and affordable rooms.

Merely 15 years ago the choice of hotels in Saint Petersburg was not wide and mostly represented by old Soviet-type hotels on the margins of the city. Of course, there were famous pre-Revolution hotels, such as Astoria, Angleterre, and Evropeiskaya, but they could not satisfy the increased demand for hotel services. This was when small hotels (mini-hotels) with comfortable functional rooms and a warm, family atmosphere began to appear. When Comfort Hotel opened, there were no more than ten mini-hotels in Saint Petersburg, but within a few years their number increased tenfold. Saint Petersburg became the birthplace of mini-hotels in our country, and mini-hotels became a part of the history of Saint Petersburg.


Driving to Saint Petersburg by car? Take care of the parking.


Are you planning to travel to Saint Petersburg by car? We have already taken care of the parking for you! There is a small parking lot in the courtyard of the hotel, where the guests may leave their car in order to enjoy a leisurely walk through Saint Petersburg. For the guests’ convenience, there is a separate entrance in the courtyard, via which they can get into their rooms. Please take into account that the number of parking spots is limited. We recommend you to book the spot in advance.

News Reviews

Happy New Year, dear friends!
Dear friends! Happy New Year 2020! May this year bring a lot of happiness, good luck, smiles, warmth and light. Let it be full of bright colors, pleasant impressions and joyful events. We wish everyone in the new year to be healthy, beautiful, loved and s
Anti-Beaujolais party for our partners. Had a conversation with the artist Anton Uspenskiy, whose works are displayed nowadays in our lobby; had a lecture about young portuguese wine and had a good time accompanied by the composer Dmitriy "O"
From Italy to Russia on a byke
Usually, our guests travel by train, by bus, by plane or by ferry-boat. But recently we had guests, Eleonora and Dario, who had traveled a long way from Italy on a byke.
Mexican's fans.
The FIFA World Cup has been going on for several days in Russia. The games between national teams are held in eleven cities of our country, and Saint-Petersburg is among them. A big inrush of fans is expected during these days, and a lot of them have book

Patricia, Jonya and Matt

Thank you very much for making our stay fabulous.

Judith (Room 307)

Greeting Comfort Hotel team. What a lovely surprise was awaiting me when I returned to my room! Thank you so much for the gift and kind words. St Petersburg will always be remembered especially our stay at the Comfort Hotel.

Nikishin family from Portland, OR, USA

Dear Roman and Ksenia, thank you a lot for nice staying here! My family and I respect your high professionalism and customer service skills. We will come again because of you! I will give the excellent references to our friends who will go to St Petersburg Thank you again.