Hermitage tickets

Hermitage tickets

Would you like to visit the most famous museum in Saint Petersburg, the Hermitage, for free? 

To get the ticket(s), you should book a room for five or more nights!




  • Free Hermitage ticket(s) may be provided only if you book via the hotel’s official website, email or telephone number.
  • Free ticket(s) may be provided based on the number of guests in one room. No more than two tickets may be provided even if the actual number of guests in the room is more than two.
  • To receive the Free Hermitage Tickets service when you book via the hotel’s official website, put down the code “Free Hermitage Tickets” into the “Additional Comments” section, and our administrators will contact you to specify the details.
  • To receive the “Free Hermitage Tickets” service when you book via telephone or email, specify that you wish to use the service.
  • The promotion is valid from 01.09.2017 to 15.12.2019

   This offer is valid only for new bookings and is not summed up with other discounts and special offers. The offer may be recalled by the hotel at any time without any advanced notification. Proposed free services cannot be exchanged, their monetary equivalent is not to be paid off.

News Reviews

Mexican's fans.
The FIFA World Cup has been going on for several days in Russia. The games between national teams are held in eleven cities of our country, and Saint-Petersburg is among them. A big inrush of fans is expected during these days, and a lot of them have book
Guest from France
Guest from France A remarkable guest from France has been staying at our hotel for eleven days. Her name is Mai-Lien Nguyen. Mai-Lien turned out to be a very sociable person, and the hotel staff were amazed by her excellent knowledge of Russian language.
Cork floors
Cork floors at “Comfort Hotel”. Cork is a natural and eco-friendly material, which has been used in building and interior decoration for many years. Using natural-appearing materials was one of the major priorities during hotel rooms construc
TV series shooting
Today a new TV series "Anna and Hun" was filmed in the "Comfort Hotel" building. The story runs about difficult life of a six-year-old orphan boy. Occasionally he saw on TV a woman taking part in a dance show. The boy convinced himself

Patricia, Jonya and Matt

Thank you very much for making our stay fabulous.

Judith (Room 307)

Greeting Comfort Hotel team. What a lovely surprise was awaiting me when I returned to my room! Thank you so much for the gift and kind words. St Petersburg will always be remembered especially our stay at the Comfort Hotel.

Nikishin family from Portland, OR, USA

Dear Roman and Ksenia, thank you a lot for nice staying here! My family and I respect your high professionalism and customer service skills. We will come again because of you! I will give the excellent references to our friends who will go to St Petersburg Thank you again.